New Jersey’s State House, the second oldest in the nation, is under renovation until 2023.


Lawmakers at all levels of government craft civil statutes, resolutions and ordinances that can impact your industry, business and livelihood. Government officials draft regulations and develop processes that are intended to implement the purposes of these laws. Citizens and businesses are entitled to present their perspective about these matters, and lawmakers and regulators are obligated to listen. We work with clients to develop solutions and communicate with government to assure that laws and rules are implemented in ways that do not undermine commerce. Simultaneously we assist our clients, who currently or desire to do business with the government, navigate these endeavors. Through our understanding of these matters, and most importantly knowing whom to contact, we save our clients time and money while helping them achieve success.

Our Mission at Foy Public Affairs Group:

“To help our clients navigate the complex and often intricate landscape of government statutes, regulations and processes, with a commitment to helping them achieve their goals in a manner that benefits both the clients and the governments which they seek to serve.”